Donating to UF directly benefits the students and programs offered here, but you as well.
The success of the co-educational Waterfront training and sailing programs is dependant upon the donation of boats and equipment from friends and alumni.
Donating your boat will help provide equipment, funds, and facilities which enhance and encourage student involvement and participation in Waterfront training.
With the continued support of donations like yours, our students have access to more boats and receive more training in seamanship than those at any other college in the nation.

Your donation may be used for:
• Sail training
• Recreational boating
• Varsity sailing
• Summer sailing and racing
• Professional training and development
• Programs such as:
   Small Vessel Operations
   Marine Science/Marine Biology

You will receive the satisfaction of knowing your donation will benefit many students by providing an opportunity for them to develop seamanship and leadership skills. By donating your boat you are eligible to receive a tax donation for the fair market value of the vessel.


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