Boat Donation Policy

After contacting the Office, all prospective donors will be sent an informational packet including:

• Boat Donation Program Brochure
• Copy of View-book
• Checklist for donating a boat to UF
• Summary of the most current IRS guidelines and IRS Form 8283
• Boat Donation Data Form
• Deed of Gift

Once the donation forms are received, a follow-up call to the donor will be made

Acceptance of Gifts:
All seaworthy boats of any size, design, type or construction, offered for donation, in useable and/or marketable condition will be considered for the Boat Donation Program. Acceptance of gifts lies with the Marine Operations Manager and the Port Captain after evaluating the needs of the University.

All administrative details relative to the transfer, inspection, moorage, pickup, and transportation will be coordinated with the Marine Operations Manager.

Small boats may have to be delivered by the donor, otherwise the cost of the transportation could exceed the value of the donation.

Donors or brokers must be able to provide certification showing clear Title and/or that the boat is being donated free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and will be assisted by the Vice President of Finance in this process if necessary.

The value of the donation will be established in accordance with IRS guidelines which require a written appraisal by a qualified appraiser if the value is $5,000 or greater. The University keeps a copy of the IRS form 8283 on file but does not participate in the valuation process.

Upon acceptance of a gift, UF will issue the following to the donor:
• Signed copy of the IRS Form 8283
• Letter of thanks from the President


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