The forms necessary for donating your boat are:

• (1) Yacht Data Form (fill out as completely as possible)
• (2) Deed of Gift (complete and notarize or witness)
• (3) Bill of Sale (fill out as completely as possible)
• (4) IRS Form 8283 (see instruction)
Complete Section B, Parts I and II.  Reynolds Park completes Section IV and returns the original to you for filing with your tax return.

As a statement of fair market value, a qualified appraiser completes the declaration in Part III (appraisal fees are deductible as an expense paid in connection with determination of income tax liability).

Should you elect not to claim the donation as a deduction on your income tax, it is not necessary to complete IRS Form 8283.

Once we have received these forms, we will arrange for pick up of the boat and delivery to Reynolds Park Yacht Center. Any questions, call 904-284-3676, fax 904-284-5858, or email, or write.

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