Welcome to Reynolds Park and UF’s Boat Donation Program

The mission of the UF Boat Donation Program is to raise money to support programs, scholarships and professorships in order to advance the educational and research missions of the University of Florida.

Donate Now to Benefit You
and The University of Florida

Donating to the University of Florida not only directly benefits the students and programs offered here, but you as well.

While most boats and yachts will not be used by UF as water craft, the proceeds of these valuable assets will be used to support the UF Foundation in furthering the educational and research goals of the university.

With the support of donations like yours, UF’s research enterprise can continue to play a vital role in the emergence of the State of Florida as a technological and economic leader in the 21st century.

By making an investment in the University of Florida, you provide catalysts that transform a good education into an exceptional one. You will receive the satisfaction of knowing your donation will benefit many students and programs, allowing UF to continue to be Florida’s flagship institution. By donating your boat you will also be eligible to receive a tax donation for the fair market value of the vessel.

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